Deb Daufeldt, MA, MBA, LPC, NCC, PMP

Office Phone: (303) 662-1888

Mobile Phone: (303) 638-5295

Deb Daufeldt provides tailored, effective, and pragmatic counseling, coaching, and collaborative divorce facilitation services for individuals and couples before, during, and after divorce. Deb helps and empowers clients to find solutions to their relationship, communication, parenting, and career challenges.

Divorce counseling is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to motivate, support, and guide people going through the dissolution of their marriage. This assistance helps both parties make the best possible decisions for their (and their children’s) futures, while taking into consideration their own needs, interests, and concerns. Deb’s work often includes assisting spouses open lines of communications, develop healthy coping skills, deal with emotional issues, and ensure their children’s needs are met, too. Working with a skilled, neutral professional assists in the healing process and helps individuals learn from marital missteps and not repeat them in future relationships.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Collaborative Divorce Facilitator, Deb maintains a private relationship/career counseling practice for Colorado residents and sees coaching and consulting clients all over the U.S. via video call such as Skype or Zoom.