Role of Financial Specialists in Collaborative Process

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA) is a neutral financial professional that supports both spouses and the Collaborative Team working with the complexities involved with dividing the marital estate and most notably, the future impact and financial risks moving forward for both parties.  The following are common functions of the CDFA:

  • Gather, organize and analyze financial data
  • Identify current and future financial risks to be managed during the divorce process and avoided within division proposals
  • Provide financial education for both spouses thereby leveling the playing field during the process and increasing knowledge moving forward
  • Support spouses by addressing each individual’s financial concerns, often decreasing conflict
  • Provide financial strategies options while focusing on both spouse’s priorities and post-decree financial recovery
  • Assist spouses in creating future financial plan
  • Address tax implications involved with the division and future tax changes
  • Clarity regarding the process of dividing property

Divorce is a legal transaction filled with financial components.  A financial neutral brings together the overwhelming pieces into a digestible format allowing the couple to effectively negotiate with each other, make the most informed decisions regarding their future while having the greatest opportunity to retain a civil relationship.