Our Approach to Collaborative Divorce

Our Approach Summary

In a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse are fully empowered with the support of the divorce specialists to negotiate the terms of your separation in a series of meetings. You will not be alone in the negotiation process as your attorney, financial specialist, and meeting facilitator will be next to you and your spouse as supporting players, so you can be confident the education and advice is provided for the best possible outcome.

The members of your collaborative divorce team will help you and your spouse reach a negotiated settlement by:

  • Explaining the differences between interest-based and positional negotiating
  • Prepare and organize your list of interest-based needs
  • Create an environment that facilitates safety of opinion expression, sharing concerns, and advocating your interest-based needs and goals
  • Define and prioritize your divorce interests and goals
  • Ensure that you have and understand all the information you need for negotiation
  • Brainstorm solutions and how they best align with your goals
  • Support you with the management of your emotions important for avoiding unwanted complexity with your divorce