The Team Approach

Divorce is laden with high consequence decisions. The professionals that you select, and how you utilize their expertise, are choices that can powerfully affect the ease of your divorce. Working with professionals that are educated about how divorce applies to their prospective fields can help you to effectively navigate the complexity involved separating your assets and creating new agreements for your family.

In the Collaborative approach, attorneys retained by each party lean on the skills of specially trained financial analysts and licensed facilitators. Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFAs) weigh the current and long-term effects of distributions to help you arrive at an equitable separation of the marital estate. Certified Divorce Facilitators (CDFs) are trained in the emotional intricacies of divorce. These professionals assist in creating parenting agreements and work to move both parties toward resolution when at a standstill.

When necessary, the Collaborative team is supported by additional experts in the real estate field. Divorce Mortgage Specialists and Realtors® assist in the house transition plan to include buy-out options, new home budgets, assessment of property value, and exploration of future homes.

Professionals in law, finance, therapy, mortgage, and real estate have been adequately trained in their field, but often lack specific knowledge about the major implications of asset division and separation plans. Working with a divorce specialized team helps you avoid critical missteps and affects how smoothly your divorce moves forward.